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Skandlink offers modular buildings, prefab elements and element wood houses
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Building a stable bridge of co-operation to Scandinavia

As any other company, also we have our goals and vision. Furthermore, we are constantly improving our daily activities to achieve the best results. Our core business activity is export of modular residential houses and wood panel houses to Scandinavia. With a view to the wide construction sector, the company provides, inter alia, implementation of by-projects, for example, window structures, aluminium facade solutions, etc.

Through mutual collaboration with several companies in the Baltic States, we have established a safe, stable and competitive co-operation both for us and our customers. The basic principle of the company is to provide high-quality services to customers, therefore we are doing our utmost to create a high-class product, to provide an excellent service, and to make sure the end-consumer is satisfied.

If excellent and long-term co-operation focused on achieving common goals is important for you, do not hesitate to contact us!

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Although harmonised construction standards have been introduced in entire Europe, every market has its own specific characteristics which must be taken into account while providing a good quality service. Every country is specific in terms of individual construction standards requiring a very close attention to supply a product compliant with the particular market.

We have chosen the enormous territory of Scandinavia as our core market:

* Sweden;

* Norway;

* Denmark.

In the course of many years, we have invested a lot of time to improve and understand this market. This knowledge currently allows us working and offering a product we are sure and proud of. Our customer is our key value!

We are planning to offer our services also in other European countries as part of our future vision.

Our customers


We are not afraid of challenges therefore we are ready to establish co-operation with various customers:

  • private persons;
  • architect firms;
  • small and medium-sized construction companies;
  • land development companies;
  • local governments, etc.

Each project is a new challenge, which means new experience and knowledge. We are sure we will be able to find the best solution for you!