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// Process:

Process Step 1

1. Receive our housing offer

Process Step 2

2. Study the terms and sign the contract

Process Step 3

3. Technical drawings

Process Step 4

4. Your approval

Process Step 5

5. Production in fabric and building site preperation

Process Step 6

6. Delivery and assembling

Process Step 7

7. Enjoy your new house!

// House solutions

We provide an all-inclusive building solution to our customers. Thus, we design, construct and manage the building process from the first day. Only environment-friendly construction materials are used in our work and we take responsibility for the entire process — from technical drawings to turnkey building. Therefore we can guarantee both quality and delivery times.

Overall two types of house systems are offered to our customers:

House panel system

This is a simplified system which includes the manufacturing of wall, ceiling and roof panels at the factory and afterwards these panels are transported to the construction site where they are assembled together, and the house is completed in a couple of days. The final stage is to do inside finishing works, for example, painting, mounting of floor, building the bathroom and mounting the kitchen.

This system is suitable for single-family houses, row houses, etc. This solution is also appropriate for places with hindered delivery, thus, where only some small roads are leading to the construction site or the house must be transported to an island.

Modular house system

The same as in the case of a panel system, a modular house is built indoors in a factory. However, the difference is that the walls, floor, ceiling and other elements are assembled together at the factory. In the end entirely finished modular units are covered up and transported to their new location. After they are delivered, builders assemble these modular units together.

A modular house is not a mobile home; it is simply a house that is built off-site, as opposed to on-site. These houses are frequently referred to as factory-built, system-built or prefab houses. Our experience shows that 95 % of the modular house is built already at the factory and after delivery of these elements it is only required to complete these last 5 % (i.e., module inside and outside joints).

It is not difficult to build a standard house on the production line. However, building of specialised houses and building them in the way the customer wants is difficult, but this is exactly what we know best.


// Delivery and assembling

Our standard agreement provides that we arrange the delivery of the house and the assembly crew. Transportation from the factory to the construction site is also ensured. The roads leading to the construction site must be easily accessible by large trucks and usually we check the route together with the customer before delivery of the house is arranged in order to find the best solution for the transportation of the house. After the house is delivered, the locally hired crane unloads the house in collaboration with the assembly crew.

Assembling is carried out by one of the factory assembly crews. The crew will stay at the construction site as long as assembling of all elements of the house is completed, and the exterior and/or interior of the house (depending of what kind of house solutions has been selected) is finished. Usually assembling takes only a couple of days until the house is fully completed. Prior to leaving the construction site, the assembly crew conducts a quality control jointly with the customer.

// Factory quality control (FQC)

It is safe to hire Skandlink!

A self-developed quality control system is applied in our work and the system provides for control of the entire building process and assembling works. The system serves as a guarantee that we will deliver your house in compliance with the effective building requirements and standards.

Every stage of the manufacturing process up until the house is completed and ready for delivery is checked. The FQC minimises the risk of errors, allowing to afterwards easily check every construction element, if necessary. Prior to allowing the house to be transported from the factory to the construction site, a final inspection is conducted and quality-related documents are later submitted to the customer.


// Consulting and tehnical solutions

Rational construction and healthy house solution

We are a secure partner that you can rely on. Our experience and competence allow us customise our products to suit your needs. If there is a question about building standards or it is necessary to make technical drawings, we are open to your suggestions to find the best solution for you.

We are constantly working with certain local architecture firms to create new designs for houses where people would like to live in and would thrive for.