Student apartments

For many years modular house solutions have been used to build different types of buildings. Modular solutions are perfect solution to quickly solve the needs of the local. We have flexible solutions with width material list and fast delivery time.

We design and build modular houses according to the customer's needs. Houses can be adapt in size, design and specification. It is important for us to deliver the product that suits the customer's needs.

Delivery / assembly

All modules are ready to be built at the factory, including kitchens, bathrooms, electricity installation, water, ventilation, heating, etc. and are delivered with trucks to construction site. Assembly we take care of our own staff or customer do it yourself if desired.

Application areas of living modules

Temporary and permanent residential houses such as office modules, schools, kindergartens,hotels, multi-story houses, student houses, etc. Our modular houses are manufactured in different sizes and shapes adapted to rspecification that are required.

Find out and explain your needs.

Below you will find several standard projects for inspiration

In total four pieces of separate apartments and each of them includes dwelling premises, a bathroom and a kitchen. There is a place for a bed, sofa, desk and a smaller table with chairs in the living room. The apartment complex may be delivered either as a single or double module, depending on road access to the construction site. There is a window on the front wall and also on the side wall which gives natural light.

Depending on the needs of the customer, it is possible to change the module size and also the house plan.

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Overall 12 individual modules where each apartment is carefully planned to create a pleasant and functional living space with its own entrance. Each apartment has a kitchen, a bathroom with shower, a wardrobe of 3 m2, etc. There is a place for a bed, sofa, desk and a smaller table with chairs in the living room. There is a window on the front wall which gives natural light.

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This type of modular unit is a cost-effective solution for students. A good choice as the first apartment when you move away from parents to start studies away from home. Each apartment is around 25 m2 and includes a bathroom and there is also a kitchen. Apartments can be placed in an unlimited length and at the height of up to three floors. There is a simple vertical wood façade in light colour on the outside of the building.

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// Process:

Process Step 1

1. Receive our housing offer

Process Step 2

2. Study the terms and sign the contract

Process Step 3

3. Technical drawings

Process Step 4

4. Your approval

Process Step 5

5. Production in fabric and building site preperation

Process Step 6

6. Delivery and assembling

Process Step 7

7. Enjoy your new house!